More RIM Skeptics Emerge as BlackBerry 6 Draws Closer

As RIM prepares to release version six of its BlackBerry operating system, skeptics continue to question the companys viability in relation to its competition.

RIM, once the dominant leader in the world smartphone market, has seen its market share steadily decrease as Apples iPhone and other phones have seen meteoric rises in popularity, particularly in the past year.

RIM didnt tell its shareholders Tuesday night exactly when its updated OS will be released, but it has made another preview video available. So far, its getting mixed reviews. You can view it here and weigh in on the conversation by clicking on the comment button below.

RIM says touchscreens are more user-friendly and youll find better browsing and search capabilities on the new OS.  Developers have also keyed in on making social networking more satisfying.

CBC News interviewed analyst Carmi Levy, a contributing blogger for VON, who said RIM is playing catch-up in the features game, adding that itll just feel a lot like an iPhone or an [Android device.] But others put a more positive spin on it, saying the upgrade will goes the operating-system gap that exists between BlackBerry and the Apples and Androids of the world.

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