Evo Shortage Slowing Sprint’s 4G Uptick

Sprint is betting a big chunk of its future on 4G and its new Evo smartphone, manufactured by HTC, but the carrier now is struggling to keep up with demand.

While it shows the smartphone is a success, Sprint must now be concerned that its growth will be stymied by the shortage. The companys lead in the 4G race is a point of pride and an opportunity to gain on industry leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but this news might very likely be a stumbling block in that pursuit of the other phone giants.

The Evo is the first 4G phone on the U.S.s first 4G wireless network, and reviews to this point have been positive for the most part. CEO Dan Hesse admitted to the Wall Street Journal last week that he had hoped to have more of a head start in 4G, and this shortage is creating an obvious stutter.

Sprint has sold 300,000 Evos since its debut last month, but the company website doesnt have a shipping date for new orders.

Next-gen wireless competition is coming soon. Verizon expects to launch its LTE network by the end of 2010, and AT&T will likely follow in 2011.

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