Frontier-Verizon Transition Going Smoothly, For Now

So much for fears about Frontiers purchase of Verizon assets, at least so far.

The (Portland) Oregonian reports that regulators there havent had many complaints in the two weeks since Frontier took over 300,000 phone lines, high-speed Internet and the phone giants FiOS TV service in Oregon.

The majority of concerns have been about the FiOS DVR service, and that has more to do with changes Verizon made before the transition than the transition itself. Verizon slapped new limits on multi-room DVR viewing, much to the chagrin of customers.

The bigger test for the transition could come later this month when customers get their first bills from Frontier.

Opponents of the deal fear Frontier is taking on far too much debt, just like FairPoint and Hawaiian Telcom, which both filed for bankruptcy after buying Verizon assets. But proponents say those concerns are ill-founded because Frontier doesnt have the same financial troubles their ILEC peers faced prior to taking over Verizon properties.

Frontiers $8.6 billion purchase included Verizon assets in 14 states, including many rural areas.

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