Appia Launches Nationwide MPLS Services Through Channel

announced Thursday the addition of MPLS services in the
contiguous 48 states for sale through the companys VAR, interconnect and agent

The expansion also increases Appias PoPs to include
Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC, in
addition to existing centers in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

MPLS enables prioritization of time-sensitive applications
like VoIP and video, so that they take precedence over traffic like e-mail and Internet
browsing, across a single connection.  Appias service presently includes three
classes of service voice, video and other but more could be added, said Appias
President Victor von Schlegell in an interview with PHONE+.

von Schlegell said the MPLS service was created to provide 
a replacement for the private lines it was leasing from other carriers to
provide QoS for its managed services, which include hosted VoIP,  video
conferencing, hosted Microsoft Exchange, hosted data backup and storage, etc.
The MPLS network is lower cost and offers Appia more quality control and
diverse routes at least two from each PoP, he explained.

Appia will offer the service standalone and also in concert
with its managed services, von Schlegell said.

Appia pays residual commissions on its MPLS service based on
a percentage of MRC and the agents sales revenue. There are two tiers
Partner and Platinum based on sales revenue. Appia has about 200 indirect
sales partners, von Schlegell said.


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