Report: Verizon iPhone Coming in January 2011

Once again, rumors of a Verizon iPhone are taking geeks and the communications industry by storm. But how many times must we hear of an end to AT&Ts U.S. iPhone exclusivity before it actually comes about? The question remains unanswerable because the Bloomberg report fueling todays frenzy cites, of course, unnamed and unauthorized sources, and neither Apple nor Verizon will comment.

If those people are correct, though, Verizon customers should see an iPhone in January 2011. And that would bode well for both Apple and Verizon. Apple would sell millions more of its popular smartphone the fourth generation of which launched last week to many a technical snafu  and consumers would have an alternative to AT&T, which has suffered slow and spotty 3G coverage.

AT&T also just ended unlimited wireless plans, requiring subscribers to sign up for either too little or too much data. Verizon has yet to institute such a change, although theres no guarantee it wont, especially if it gets hold of bandwidth-sucking iPhone users.

The Verizon iPhone would be built for the CDMA protocol; AT&T runs on the GSM standard.

Shares of Verizon closed .31 percent lower at $28.62, while Apples stock price was down 4.52 percent at $256.17. AT&T shares also closed down, by 1.96 percent, at $24.46.

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