Cavalier Revamps Agent Contract, Beefs Up Support

Six months after bringing on a new channel chief, Cavalier Telephone has made changes to its channel program, including a new partner contract and enhancements to its Agent Resource Center both of which emphasize a human element.”

Michael Gough, vice president of channel partners for Cavalier, said the new contract, introduced in April, has redefined expectations for recurring revenue and the associated residual percent based on achieving those revenue goals. There are two partner levels — Channel Partners and Platinum Partners.  The Channel Partners program begins with a $500 new MRC commitment; the commission percentage grows as their performance grows. The Platinum Partners program is more tailored to each partner and has an advanced performance and payout schedule. Partners are paid for the life of the contract and through the renewal periods.

Gough told PHONE+ the contract is designed to normalize the many disparate partner agreements that came from the companys acquisitions. But the new contract will not replace all existing contracts. It is primarily used in marketing the partner program to new partners as well as those who are not meeting their contract objectives and haven’t for a significant period of time,” he said. The new contract outlines mutual goals and clear objectives and is a formal agreement of our partnership.”

Each contract provides a mutually agreed upon ramp-up period, accompanied by a business plan, Gough said, explaining this Plan for Success” is developed  mutually by Cavalier and its partner and includes measured objectives, timelines and resources required to reach those goals.

At Cavalier, the human element is fundamental to the partnership and how the alliance is truly formed,” Gough added. Collectively sharing, face-to-face, the goals and objectives of both Cavalier and the partner, and developing a measured business plan whereby each party has obligations and activities to move the needle in a positive direction ensures shared success.”

In addition, he said that Cavalier will provide partners with people resources to assist them in driving desired results. These resources are real people with genuine intentions that range from the channel manager to the sales engineering team to the product management team to the Agent Resource Center — even to the senior management team,” Gough said. One of Cavaliers mantras is that e-mail is a tool, NOT a relationship, and this holds true for our IT systems — from the agent portal, automatic reporting, automatic deposits of the commission checks, etc. While they make great sales tools, they are poor at building relationships.  We strongly believe this channel needs to increase and intensify the human element, and our team is doing that every day.”

To that end, Cavalier has augmented ARC with access to new training and technical expertise. ARC is a team of professionals dedicated to supporting Cavaliers partners and their customers. The team is cross-trained in multiple disciplines to support all aspects of the sales process, from determining service eligibility by product and location, processing adds and changes, billing and accounting questions to repair and service.[Its] essentially from soup to nuts; they are truly capable and support all the daily service needs of our partners,” Gough said.

Among the enhancements is the addition of improved product training on Cavaliers product portfolio along with positioning strategies and solution selling methodologies. The company also has amplified the level of technical expertise support for the channel with the addition of new sales engineering specialists and proposal specialists.

While the company has focused primarily on beefing up its people resources, it also now supplies partners with access to information about customers and their services and escalation contacts via its partner portal.


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