Granite Extends Agent Program to Canada

Reseller Granite Telecommunications has expanded its footprint to include Canada, and is pursuing indirect sales agents in the United States and Canada to sell in the new territory under an expanded North American agent program.

As promised, Granite has completed contracts with major carriers in Canada. The names of the underlying carriers were not disclosed, but the company claims it will be able to offer POTS lines across a majority of the country. Granite serves more 950,000 lines in the United States.

Entering the Canadian market will allow us to provide Granites services to customer locations from the far reaches of the Arctic Circle to the southern most tip of Florida,” said Granite President and CEO Rob Hale, in a press statement.  Our value is visible not only in direct cost savings but by decreasing administrative burdens and by offering our customers one stop shopping for all of their North American telecommunications needs.”

Charlie Pagliazzo, Granites director of channels, said the expanded footprint requires Granite to also expand its sales channels. The CLEC will enable its existing U.S. agents to sell services in Canada, primarily to their U.S.-based companies that have offices in north of the border.

He said service offering is familiar, with consolidated billing for all LEC services in the United States and Canada and also discounts off tariff. In Canada, however, the discounts are about 10 percent while in the United States, its typically 20 percent, he explained.

In addition, Pagliazzo said the commission percentages are different than for services sold in the United States on the lower end of the range of U.S. commission rates,” he said. However, it is revenue on services agents are not being compensated for now.

In addition, Granite will be seeking out in-country agents to sell to Canadian businesses, Pagliazzo said, noting the Canadian agents will be folded into the existing channel program.

The expanded North American channel program will be managed from Boston with existing channel staff, he said.

Granite corporate has hired French-speaking staff to support its Canadian accounts, which also will be supported from Boston, he said, noting Granite has no plans to open an office in Canada at this time.

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