Apple, Others End iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Amid Unexpected Demand

Really? Apple Inc., AT&T Inc. and even Radio Shack had no idea the iPhone 4 would be so popular? As if previous introductions of the smartphone were under-the-radar events?

Our incredulity stems from Wednesdays reports that Apple, AT&T and Radio Shack have stopped taking pre-orders for the fourth-generation iPhone amid highest-ever demand demand that yesterday crashed Apples servers and that now means people who pre-ordered their new iPhones wont receive them until at least July 14. Heck, though, those folks could try standing in line on the June 24 release date if theyre so anxious for the new device that they cant wait another couple of weeks.

So far, Apple has processed 600,000 iPhone 4 orders.

Meantime, Best Buy continues to take pre-orders for the black iPhone 4, although the company couldnt commit to an availability date. The electronics retailer said it doesnt know how many of the newly shaded devices Apple will provide. Finally, Wal-Mart expects to sell the iPhone 4 in select stores as of June 24.

Still, we cant get over the server snafus suffered by Apple, or the reports that many consumers said they gained unauthorized access to other iPhone users private data when ordering through AT&T. In fact, it all seems even more surreal when you consider that the public is again acting like lemmings to get hold of the new iPhone. The iPhone has been on the market for three years and still the early adopters have to be out in front like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fans.

And if any company other than Apple had experienced the problems seen this week because of the iPhone 4, well, lets just say people wouldnt be so forgiving. But for some reason, Apple gets PR amnesty for simply being Apple.

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