Motorola Completes WiMAX Portfolio With New 4G Modems

Motorolas Networks division chose the WiMAX Forum Global Congress in Amsterdam this week to introduce the latest additions to its WiMAX portfolio. The new offerings, the CPEi 800 and CPEi885, are next-gen customer premises devices that support WiMAX data and WiFi voice and data services, respectively.  Taken together with the CPEi825 for data and VoIP, the pair round out Motorolas new 800 Series family of WiMAX CPE products.

Motorola is targeting several price points and markets, both for the service provider and end-user. While the CPEi800 is aimed at operators looking for a high-performance, data-only modem, the CPEi885 is better-suited to the power user working from their home office, providing home-networking functionality for both voice and high-speed data. By offering products that address a more segment-specific market, Motorola hopes to help reduce provider costs while reaching a greater potential customer base and cut down on customer churn.

The CPEi800, available in all bands, is a basic data-only wireless modem, a low-cost alternative for those operators that dont have the customer penetration or consistent network infrastructure to easily deliver high-speed Internet access. A key advantage for the provider advantage is that the compact unit requires no installation, according to the vendor, and can be tuned up in seconds, using fully internal antennas optimized for high-orientation gain, with user-friendly signal strength indicators.

The 885 picks up where Motorolas flagship WiMAX product, the CPEi 775, left off. Based on the same 4G platform that drives Motorolas entire CPE line, the i885 is the companys first fully integrated CPE device to support both WiMAX and WiFi b/g/n. Designed to improve energy efficiency, effective antenna gain and ventilation to stretch the operational life of the unit, the 885 is a multiple port data, VoIP and high-end Wi-Fi modem with a built-in 2.4GHz WiFi 2×2 router, working initially, at least, in the 3.5Ghz band. It also supports Wi-Fi protected setup, a feature usually found today only on high-end Wi-Fi routers. Carrying one data and two ATA ports, users can receive full 4G service for their home network.

The CPEi800 will be available in August, while the CPEi885 is set for release worldwide in Q4 .

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