iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Crash Apple Servers, Jam-Pack Stores

Apparently the privilege of owning the fourth-generation Apple iPhone is worth the wait. The long wait in line to pre-order the device, that is.

Business Insider reports this morning dozens of people are standing outside an Apple store in New York even though they could be online pre-ordering the iPhone 4. Of course, all the pre-order demand has crashed Apples servers. Users are getting try again later messages, so maybe an in-person order is the best approach even though Apple Store employees are said to be telling customers to use the stores computer kiosks to order the iPhone 4. Cant win for losing, it seems.

Best Buy, Radio Shack and AT&T the exclusive iPhone carrier in the United States also are taking iPhone 4 pre-orders. The latest and greatest version of the Apple smartphone will only be available in black on the June 24 release date and costs $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB.

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