Unlimited Plans Might Close the Verizon iPhone Gap

An independent telecom analyst says hanging on to unlimited data plans might be Verizons best bet to compete with AT&T and its exclusive lock on the iPhone.

Its long been speculated that Verizon will break AT&Ts stranglehold on the popular smartphone someday, but despite rumors that pop up every few months, a long-anticipated deal between Verizon Wireless and Apple has yet to come to fruition.

Analyst Carmi Levy tells Light Reading that until the Verizon iPhone happens, the carrier would be best to keep unlimited plans available to its customers. AT&T is putting caps on its all-you-can-eat plans in conjunction with the rollout of the fourth-generation iPhone on June 24.

“In many respects, Levy tells Light Reading, Verizon’s biggest advantage could be the fact that it doesn’t yet offer the iPhone, because it isn’t subject to the same crushing bandwidth issues faced by iPhone-toting customers and AT&T in major US cities. He adds that since Verizon doesnt have the reputation of network clogs, particularly in New York, San Francisco and other metropolitan areas, unlimited plans which start at $29.99 for smartphones can still work for the carrier.

Levy also suggests that Verizon keeps promoting superior coverage and special offers in an attempt to compete. The phone giant continues to roll out new Android phones, which will also help. The original Droid and the Droid Incredible have received positive reviews and have posted solid sales numbers since their release last fall and this spring, respectively.

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