PAETEC Releases Hosted TEM Service for Midmarket

PAETEC Holding Corp. announced Monday the nationwide availability of the new version of its telecom expense management software, PINNACLE, for midmarket customers. Called PINNACLE Online, the software-as-a service solution will be sold exclusively by CLEC PAETEC Communications direct and indirect channels.

PINNACLE Online includes a subset of the features of the companys PINNACLE TEM software suite for enterprises. The Asset Management capability tracks and audits in real-time all network assets, such as telephones, desktop PCs and laptops. The TEM function offers a view and analysis of expenses by vendor, invoice, location, or stakeholder. The call-accounting feature enables users to compare the actual use of their communication services to contracted commitments to ensure proper billing and future adjustments. Finally, the Service Desk feature streamlines provision of services and resolution of issues.

PAETEC acquired the TEM software in 2000 with its purchase of Pinnacle Software Corp. Subsequently, PAETEC Software Corp., a subsidiary of PAETEC Holding Corp., has been delivering the solution to enterprises as a premises-based software license and also as a service on a dedicated hosted basis. The company also rolled out a multitenant system called SBOSS for consultants and agents managing multiple enterprise users communications environments. Earlier this year, it also made the service available to enterprises on a SaaS, or shared hosted basis.

“Since 1988, PINNACLE software has driven tremendous efficiency for hundreds of large businesses, universities, and government institutions with its financial and operations enterprise management solution,” said Kevin Errity, president of the east region for PAETEC.  “Although the software can dramatically improve the effectiveness and productivity of telecom operations, the product’s sweet spot was primarily for enterprise organizations. We’re excited to now offer much of that powerful functionality to a new underserved midmarket customer base with PINNACLE Online.”

PINNACLE Online was built to the CLEC’s specifications, said Larry Foster, vice president and general manager for the PINNACLE Communication Management Suite.  A majority of PAETECs customers are smaller than the enterprise profile PINNACLE serves, he said, noting PINNACLE Online is meant for midmarket organizations with telecom spend starting at $50,000 per month. In addition, the cost is much lower; comparing both SaaS products, he said, the lowest price for the enterprise subscription is twice as expensive as the average price for a PINNALE Online subscription.

As the exclusive reseller, PAETEC will enable its indirect sales agents to sell monthly subscriptions to PINNACLE Online under their existing contracts and commission schedules, Foster said.

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