Enterprise Mobility Management Could Lower TCO By 78 Percent

A recent study from market research firm Aberdeen Group, Enterprise Mobility Management: Optimizing the full Mobility Lifecycle, cautions that the coming onslaught of wireless devices and services threatens to overwhelm IT staff charged with managing and optimizing their businesses overall communications.

The report estimates 98 percent of enterprises are currently implementing mobility initiatives or planning to do so in the near-term, creating a potentially huge influx of new mobile platforms and devices, including employee-owned mobile smartphones or similar tools used for work, as well as new mobile software applications that are more field-accessible. In short, the report concludes that for IT and network managers, getting control of the looming potential chaos must be Priority One.

Like Masters of their Mobile Universe, top-performing organizations take control of their mobile ecosystem as if their business depends upon it, said Andrew Borg, senior research analyst, wireless & mobility at Aberdeen. With new devices such as iPhone 4 and the HTC EVO entering the workplace, mobility management can no longer remain a peripheral issue it must become core IT now.

The solution? According to the report, its an emerging technology called Enterprise Mobility Management, which marshalls IT staff, business processes and technology to adapt quickly to these new mobile platforms by enforcing IT compliance standards, controlling access to the its data networks, and securing mobile endpoints at their points of vulnerability. And encouragingly, the report does see significant signs that IT managers are moving to reconsolidate business mobility tools within their overall network management scheme, demonstrating a growing awareness that enterprise mobility is critical to business success and should be seen as part of the businesss core infrastructure.

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