news Offers Android, iPhone Apps

Bringing its VoIP-based unified communications capabilities to the worlds most popular smartphones, today unveiled two new applications, Mobile Office for Android devices and Mobile VoIP for the iPhone.

Mobile Office brings a suite of UC features to Android smartphones, including the ability to listen to or read voice mail, review and manage call logs, use a number as the caller ID number, send and receive SMS, and set up conference calls with a single click. According to CEO Ari Rabban, masking users mobile phone number and using a virtual number from their mobile devices was the No. 1 desired feature in customer surveys, ahead of reducing fees or saving minutes.

Mobile Office for Android is not a VoIP client; calls made using the application go over the users cellular service plan.

Mobile VoIP, on the other hand, is a soft client for the iPhone. It will not be available for download from the Apple App Store because, as Rabban put it in a phone interview, while our app is not like Google Voice, Apples excuses for not allowing Google Voice [to be sold through the App Store] may apply here. is launching the mobile Web version of the application first, and plans to move into the App Store later on.

Mobile VoIP allows users to dial from an iPhone using their account, without using cell minutes when calling over a Wi-Fi or 3G network.

While Mobile Office, which is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, includes most of the same features as Google Voice, it goes beyond in providing users with a more professional business solution, Rabban added. Extra features include greetings and menus, IVRs, virtual extensions, and the like.

A subscription to Mobile Office costs $24.88 with unlimited airtime for a business system, and $18.88 for an individual subscription or $4.88 plus 4.9 cents a minute.

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