Samsung Lowers TCO With New Ethernet Switch Series

Samsung Telecommunications America is making a play down-market for its Ethernet switches, hoping to entice partners and end-users alike with a lower total cost of ownership using a more energy-efficient PoE-based architecture. Its new Ubigate iES4000 Series Ethernet switches can function as a standalone solution, or as an alternative to Samsungs OfficeServ line of integrated data switches for SMBs.

Samsung is emphasizing the switches high performance vs. total cost ratio, offering up to 24 10/100/1000 access ports and four Gigabit ports per one-rack unit chassis. Up to 36 switches can be clustered and managed from a single IP address to support growing capacity needs. Multiple ports can also be bundled using multilink trunking to create higher capacity pipes or provide redundancy.

Samsung is also able to drive down the overall price by supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE) for its iES4028FP and iES4024GP units. This eliminates the need for AC power adapters for each PoE-enabled endpoint as well as expensive (and messy) electrical cabling typically used for IP phone and wireless LAN implementations. The switches PoE functionality also means no extra power injectors and PoE mid-spans used to power IP gear for the customer.

The new switches also deliver enhanced features such as advanced QoS and key market-specific security capabilities, including 802.1x based port security and DHCP snooping, as well as VLANs for GVRP (Generic VLAN Registration Protocol) and Voice VLAN, supporting end devices that are IEEE 802.3af-compliant.

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