Verizon Fends Off iPhone Talk as New AT&T Data Plans Fuel Speculation

After Apples Worldwide Developers Conference, to be held June 7-11, we should be able to put the Verizon iPhone rumors to bed, at least for a while. It appears pretty unlikely that Apple will unveil a CDMA iPhone for Verizon next week, and that belief is getting even more credence from a Verizon Wireless spokesperson who told Beet.TV that theres no plan for his company to support Apple products in the immediate future.  So unless he defines immediate as this week, then we can probably assume that fans of the carrier and the smartphone will not see their ultimate dream come true very soon.

That talk didnt stop Boy Genius Report from reporting that Verizon Wireless is testing iPads on its network. A source tells the Web site that it is a CDMA-compatible model. Of course, the testing phase and actual release of a product are sometimes a long time apart.

While a Verizon-Apple hookup probably has been the most talked-about rumor in the tech/telecom world for the last two years, the speculation reached its peak this spring when numerous report surfaced about just how long the exclusive Apple-AT&T deal might last. Apples WWDC would probably benefit from more talk of a Verizon team-up, especially considering the whole iPhone-left-in-a-bar fiasco that sapped some of the anticipation away from what is likely to be the debut of the fourth-generation iPhone next week.

Verizon fans continue to hang on to hope. eWeek just reeled off 10 reasons to believe the telco and Apple might join forces, looking to AT&Ts announcement of new data-usage plans as a possible precursor. The site says AT&T customers who arent bandwidth hogs the vast majority will benefit from cheaper rates under the plan, so the timing is right if AT&T wants to keep customers from making the switch to its biggest competitor.

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