Cop To Be Honored for Shooting Elderly Man at AT&T Store

A police officer will be honored for heroism after shooting and killing an elderly man at an AT&T retail store.

Police say that man, Abraham Dickan, 79, had a hit list consisting of employees at the New York Mills, N.Y., store that he wanted to kill. Authorities say he wasnt happy with service he received in a previous visit. He managed to shoot one of the employees Thursday before getting shot himself by Rome Officer Donald Moore, who was off-duty and just happened to be shopping in the store at the time of the attack.

The store clerk, Seth Turk, 37, is expected to survive the shooting.

Now, AT&T wants to meet with Moore and Rome city officials to figure out a way to honor the officer.

” they want to thank him they would like him to meet with the employees if he will, from AT&T,” Public Safety Commissioner James Masucci told WKTV-TV of Utica. I spoke to Officer Moore this morning on the phone and that’s going to be a good possibility. He’s been going to the hospital and visiting the victim, Seth Turk …

The accolades wont happen immediately. All parties involved want to take time to recognize the gravity of the situation first. 

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