Astaro Makes Branch Office Security Threats See RED

Unified threat management vendor Astaro has just released an all-in-one security device for branch offices. Specifically designed for its all-channel sales force, the Astaro RED (Remote Ethernet Device) integrates basic VPN functionality with a full set of IT security features that are “pushed” to remote sites. Centrally managed from Astaros Security Gateway, the vendor is touting RED as its 80 percent solution; that is, the device does all the work that normally falls to IT security staff, reducing operations and administration cost by 80 percent per site, without skimping on functionality.

RED is designed to be an easy sell for channel partners. Targeted at businesses of all sizes, the centrally managed design means no training, licensing or even technical know-how is required at the branch site. The central office can handle all management chores, by pushing security upgrades, policy and configuration changes and other administrative tasks to branch offices without  human intervention. This approach allows businesses to establish and maintain the same level of robust security at smaller remote sites as at the customers headquarters, at a fraction of the price.

Another key to RED is simplicity. Configuration is straight-forward: Cnce online, RED automatically registers with the central Security Gateway, is assigned an IP address based on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and then creates a VPN tunnel that filters all incoming branch traffic through the central gateway. Astaro claims that with RED, as many as 100 branch offices can be turned up in a day.

Astaro RED eliminates the need for having a technical person in all offices, said Paul Smith, senior network engineer at Metafore Technologies Inc., who BETA-tested RED, among others.  It saved me at least two hours per branch office, where I would normally have to pre-configure a device and ship it, and then work with someone onsite to get it online. This is a totally unique approach to branch office connectivity.

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