Another Foxconn Worker Commits Suicide

Apple Inc. and computer giant HP appear to be in for a weekend of bad PR.

Foxconn Technology, the company that manufactures electronics for Apple, HP and others, on Friday saw its eighth worker suicide. Nan Gang, 21, jumped from a four-story factory in China after he left work, according to news reports. The death marked the 10th time this year a Foxconn worker in China has tried or committed suicide. Eight people between the ages of 18 and 24 so far have died. The New York Times said most were migrant workers who had moved to southern China to find jobs.

Labor rights groups are clamoring for an independent investigation of the two Foxconn sites that employ about 420,000 people in Shenzhen, China, the New York Times said. The suicide also highlights the allegedly harsh conditions imposed on the workers, who make products including Macintosh laptops, the Apple iPhone and HP computers.

Representatives for Foxconn, Apple, HP and other companies didnt respond to various media requests for comment. Needless to say, the apparent suicide trend does not look good for the firms images, despite Foxconns insistence that the workers who killed themselves did so because of depression and other personal problems, not working conditions.

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