XPEC Launches Channel Program for Global Opportunities

Virtual network operator XPEC Global Solutions, San Bruno, Calif., announced this week the launch of its channel partner program designed to help U.S. agents provide international telecommunications services.

XPEC Global Solutions specializes in Ethernet, IP and broadband network solutions for global service providers and multinational enterprises in Asia and North America. XPEC claims relations and access to some 800 global service providers. Its portfolio includes international private lines, VPNs and MPLS networks.

Since XPEC is carrier and technology neutral, the company has the ability to seek the most cost-effective solution for customers. Customers also only have to deal with one U.S.- based vendor instead of managing multiple international carriers, having to deal with in-language support and trying to maintain critical relationships in multiple time zones.

“Customers will have a much easier way to deploy and manage global networks by working with us,” said Dan Wong, president of XPEC Global Services.

While the complexity of dealing with different governments and various network infrastructures makes global opportunities more challenging to manage, the average deal sizes can be worth thousands of dollars in commissions to agents, the company said in a press statement.

In addition, the company said it designs every solution around customer requirements, provides telecommunications management experts for agents to speak with at no cost, and offers an extranet to facilitate signup as well as the exchange of information and quotes.

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