Two-Day Droid Sales Nearly Incredible

A shortage of supply is the only thing keeping the HTC Droid Incredible from outselling its older sister, the original Droid smartphone, said Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam in an interview with MSNBC.

Verizon sold 100,000 Incredibles in the first two days they went on sale last month. Online is about the only place you can order it now because supply is running low. The report says there aren’t enough of the phone’s parts – namely the screens made by Samsung – to manufacture enough to keep them in retail outlets.

The Droid Incredible runs on Google’s Android software, the operating system that beat the Apple iPhone OS in sales for the first time last month, according to market research from NPD Group.

“When a shipment gets to a store now, it’s gone in a matter of hours,” McAdam told MSNBC. “We’ve had to pull way back … Right now supply is a big problem.”

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