Report: Apple Orders Millions of Verizon iPhones

It’s been quite a week on the Verizon iPhone rumor front. We learned about court documents that supposedly lock up the Apple-AT&T exclusive partnership until 2012. We heard that an ad agency was busy working on a marketing campaign involving the iPhone for Verizon. And just last week it was reported that a deal for the iPad meant AT&T would keep iPhone exclusivity until 2011.

Now the score is even at 2-2, after a report that Apple has ordered 10 million CDMA-based iPhones from Pegatron Technology Corp., which is a subsidiary of ASUSTek Computer in Taiwan. The report, from DigiTimes, backs up a Wall Street Journal story from March that named Pegatron as a likely manufacturer.

But the article leaves a lot of questions to be answered, like when 10 million shipments might actually be reached. It also says Pegatron would start getting revenue from the iPhones in August or September, but gives no indication of when they might be available for purchase.

DigiTimes has also been accused in the past of starting false rumors. One source measured the publication’s track record and found only one rumor out of 14 to be true over a five-year period. Nevertheless, the talk has been picked up by a large number of other Web sites.

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