BlackBerry Tablet Computer Talk Heats Up

It seems that the folks at Research in Motion won’t be sitting around twiddling their thumbs as other companies develop tablet computers to rival Apple’s iPad.

Boy Genius Report sources are saying RIM’s new slate will be 8.9 inches long and will use either Bluetooth to connect to your BlackBerry or a Wi-Fi radio that is built-in. There won’t reportedly be cellular networking. Look for the new tablet to be focused on multimedia, from e-mail and Web browsing to e-books. Those same sources say the device will go on sale in time for the holiday season, likely in December, but it could be sooner.

The alleged lineup of iPad competitors is growing quickly. HP posted a video last month teasing its upcoming slate that will offer a built-in camera, SD card reader, video recording and a USB port – none of which are included on the iPad. And earlier this week, Verizon’s CEO said his company was working with Google on a tablet, but didn’t give any specs for the device. It’s expected to be ready sometime next year.

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