Ad Agency Said to Be Working on Verizon iPhone Campaign

Just yesterday it appeared that AT&T and Apple were locked into an exclusive deal for the iPhone until 2012 — there were court documents that supposedly proved it. Today, the rumor pendulum has swung in the other direction, according to a report from CrunchGear.

The site says it got a tip that advertising firm Landor Associates is putting together an ad campaign for an upcoming iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network. Seriously? The cycle never stops. In fact, the agency’s supposedly been on board since 2007, preparing for such an event. The article even goes as far as to name the project manager.

This would seem to back up claims that an iPhone from Verizon will be showing up before the summer is out, countering claims that the exclusive AT&T-Apple partnership will last another two years. As we pointed out in an article yesterday that highlighted court documents citing the lengthy partnership, many things have changed since 2008 when attorneys confirmed the contract, and the terms might have been amended since that time.

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