MASERGY Unveils Limited Plane

MASERGY this week launched its new Limited Plane as its sixth class of service (CoS).

MASERGY says the Limited Plane is serviced at a lower priority than Normal Data and is ideal for data backup or packet-loss-tolerant applications, such as Scalable Video Coding (SVC) desktop video implementation. By delivering a new Limited Plane CoS that is deliberately de-prioritized below best effort, MASERGY says it can provide its customers a safe place on the network to carry large-scale desktop video flows or data backup without fear of high volumes overwhelming other network traffic.

The overall advantage of the Limited Plane, MASERGY says, is that delay-tolerant desktop video or data backup applications can be placed on an enterprise’s private MPLS network to maintain security, at the same time leveraging QoS mechanisms that allow optimal large-scale communications while protecting corporate or public Internet applications.

“MASERGY’s network is purpose-built for the transport of real-time applications over the corporate WAN and we offer industry-leading SLAs of 100 percent in-sequence packet delivery for telepresence/HD video conferencing. The Limited Plane augments our diverse and well-defined array of CoS offerings, allowing our customers to experience an enhanced level of flexibility to accommodate wide-scale deployment of packet loss tolerant SVC desktop video applications,” said Tim Naramore, chief technology officer of MASERGY.

Some benefits of MASERGY’s Limited Plane include:

  • SVC-optimized – Engineered to support Scalable Video Coding desktop video applications
  • Security – Allows applications to run on a private network without coding or encryption
  • Flexibility – Permits assignment of users to higher service plane for executive or priority calls that must be protected from congestion across the local loop
  • Simplicity – Supports entire enterprise application deployment on a single corporate network
  • Scalability – Allows companies to control bandwidth without adding additional circuits or hardware
  • Performance – Allows companies to prioritize their corporate applications across six unique CoS levels for improved application transport

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