Apple: 1 Million iPads Cant Be Wrong

Despite the doubters who didn’t think consumers would buy a larger version of an iPhone without calling functionality, Apple announced Monday that it has sold its 1 millionth iPad in less than one month — 28 days, to be exact. For comparison, it took 74 days to sell the first version of the iPhone.

Friday, the Silicon Valley giant released the 3G version of the iPad, which can go online using either AT&T’s 3G cellular data network or Wi-Fi. The first version, released one month ago, was Wi-Fi only.

iPad users have already downloaded 1.5 million e-books from the Apple iBookstore and 12 million apps from the App Store, great news for content developers and companies who want a piece of the pie.

Sales are so good that Apple recently delayed the rollout of the device internationally until there are more iPads available.

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