Spectrum Upgrades TrueVue TEM

Spectrum Inc. unveiled the latest release of its telecom lifecycle management software.

TrueVue Version 4.0 includes an enhancement on how rate plans and plan features are selected and tracked. The tool enables customers to create employee classes and corresponding rate plans and features instead of linking them to a specific location/cost center, explained Spectrum President Trent McCracken.

Other updates include the addition of Knowledge Base that is customizable by the client, an update to the wireline dashboard to allow grouping of locations/cost centers, and an enhancement to wireline invoice to capture USOC level if available.

In addition, Spectrum updated the architecture to improve its patent-pending invoicing and auditing process.

The enhancements are included in the price. Spectrum charges a management fee for wireless services and a percentage of spend for wireline services.

The service is available for sell to Spectrum’s agents. McCracken said 21 partners are selling it. In addition, the software is available for private labeling by other agents. Master agencies Telecom Brokerage Inc. (TBI) and Communications Management Services (CMS) are among the private-label customers. Others were not disclosed.

“We have compiled a generous amount of constructive feedback from our clients and business partners, and believe these latest enhancements will improve the overall user experience by integrating several key components within the telecom lifecycle,” said Spectrum CEO Troy McCracken.


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