Report Slams Nortel Execs, Issues Dire Warning to Ciena

A new report from consulting and research company Telecom Pragmatics pulls no punches, saying Ciena Corp. better closely watch the former Nortel Networks executives it brought on board when it bought the bankrupt telco’s optical networking business. In fact, it better watch those who came on well before the transition.

The report says that over the last several years, former Nortel executives have slowly worked their way into the Ciena organizational structure. The report goes on to say that those same execs appeared to have taken charge a while before the acquisition took place and that Ciena’s ultimate survival may be dependent upon the ability of the veterans at the company to put down this “coup.”

The study says most people who work at Nortel learn how to become the consummate politicians. They are very good at climbing the corporate ladder and drawing high-level charts. They can be extremely convincing that they are better than the traditional Ciena people, even though the homegrown individuals have historically tended to execute much better as managers of the optical company.

The report further says, while some of these Nortel execs are sharp and likeable, they are used to playing in a different game, where, for all intents and purposes, they are used to having unlimited funding. Any success that they had, according to the report, was mainly because of unrestricted budgets.

Telecom Pragmatics published this information in a recent issue of Optical Switching/Transport Network Strategies Monthly.

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