Guilty Verdicts in BlackBerry Murder Case

Three British men have been found guilty of killing a man and stealing his BlackBerry last fall.

The men hit Saravanakumar Sellapan, 24, over the head when he was walking home from work one day in October. He eventually slipped into a coma and later died. Two 18 year olds and a 20-year-old man were convicted of manslaughter and robbery today in a London court.

No sentencing date has been set, but the judge said they would be getting “substantial custodial sentences,” according to the BBC.

The prosecutor said Sellapan was on a call when he was spotted by the killers, and it was actually that phone call that attracted them.

The hospital also was also criticized harshly by the prosecution, which said Sellapan was given only a brief exam and told he was OK to go home. The hospital’s CEO said brain injuries aren’t always immediately apparent and his staff did “everything they should given the symptoms [the victim] presented at the time.”

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