Mammoth, Dash Partner for IP Telephony Solutions

Mammoth Networks and Dash Carrier Services are touting a new partnership that provides carriers and operators with the resources to cost-effectively launch advanced IP telephony solutions.

Mammoth Networks aggregates multiple data services onto one platform, and delivers a one-stop shop for network outsourcing. Further, the direct connection to Mammoth’s high-speed data network opens up access to Dash’s comprehensive emergency, static ALI and nomadic 911 solutions, as well as its dashVoice origination, termination and N11 dialing services.

Matthew Ramsey, president, Login, an enterprise voice and data services provider works with the pair, reinforced these claims. “Login has enjoyed leveraging Mammoth’s network to obtain a solid, low-latency route to Dash’s Denver-based phone switches. The dedicated connectivity has improved Login’s overall quality of service, without which, we simply wouldn’t be able to use Dash’s wholesale voice services.”

“This partnership enables us to work in tandem, and successfully answer the call for ILECS and small-market cable operators which now find themselves hamstrung in terms of access to reliable, yet cost-effective broadband,” said Brian Worthen, founder and president of Mammoth Networks.

The private peering relationship between Dash and Mammoth Networks facilitates exchange traffic, which results in reduced costs for transit of data and voice, according to the companies.

“ILECs and smaller market, Independent cable operators want access to bandwidth and to next-gen services that afford them the same control they are used to having in-house; Mammoth can deliver circuits and Dash can deliver voice, empowering service providers with full control,” said Dash CEO Justin Nelson.

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