Reviews: HTC DROID Incredible Is, Well, Incredible

On the first day available for pre-order, the HTC DROID Incredible is lighting up the blogosphere like a meteor shower.

As a rule, the reviews say the new smartphone really lives up to its name, from its design to its software to its user-friendliness. Calling the Incredible the “best Google Android device I have ever used” in his column for ZDNet, Matthew Miller uses a ton of words espousing the phone’s virtues.

Miller is a big fan of the Incredible’s design, since it’s narrower than an iPhone and the Nexus One, making it a nice fit in your hand. The camera and 8GB flash drive, he says, are two of the phone’s prime attractions, and he prefers HTC Sense to what you can get on the Nexus One.

The Incredible boasts “Friend Stream,” which Miller says “[does] a fantastic job of embracing the latest social networks. But despite being an incredible phone, he’s happy with the WebOS on his Palm Pre and won’t be switching. He thoroughly recommends the Incredible, though, if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer.

And although more critical of the device, a Boy Genius Report review calls the Incredible “another incredible device, pushing the boundaries of Android in practically every direction.” But despite saying it “picks up where Motorola left off in almost every area,” and calling it a “delicious slab of a touchscreen,” the BGR review says shortcomings include a lack of rhythm when navigating and a “bit of a challenge to use.” But outweighing the criticism is “awesome corporate integration [and] tons of social networking elements built right in.”

The review says Verizon Wireless doesn’t have a better phone available right now.


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