What Comes With Purchase of Nortel Campus

With the Canada headquarters of bankrupt Nortel Networks up for sale, one might wonder what comes with a purchase of the campus.

Check out the deets, courtesy of The Ottawa Citizen:

  • 2.35 million square feet
  • 10 buildings
  • Cafeteria, gym, conference rooms
  • Waterall and fountains for private conversations
  • The glass-domed centerpiece, dubbed Lab 5, measuring 600,000 square feet with tunnels and walkways to other buildings
  • Sports fields, hiking trails, bird-watching
  • Research and multimedia labs
  • Enough space for government-run agencies to colocate (much of the 400 acre-campus is leased from Canada’s federal government; about 75 years remain on the contract)
  • Close to major highways and public transit
  • Price negotiable, although typical estimates put the number around $200 million

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