AT&T-Verizon Wireless Ad War: Its a Draw

While lacking an official peace agreement, it appears that the knock-down, drag-out battle for supremacy on the television airwaves between AT&T and Verizon Wireless is over — at least as far as AT&T is concerned.

Ma Bell is kicking off its “Rethink Possible” marketing campaign, which takes on a much more positive tone. It still stresses how AT&T lets you talk and surf the Web at the same time, but leaves out any mention of Verizon Wireless’ supposed shortcomings. Sorry, Luke Wilson, it appears your run is over.

So just how effective was the nasty battle of wills? If you ask most analysts out there, neither side can claim victory. A post from Hot Hardware says both telcos failed to take customers away from the other during the campaign, which lasted most of a year.

Verizon Wireless started the battle last year when it attacked AT&T’s 3G coverage, and followed that with an ad that cast the iPhone into Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s Land of Misfit Toys. The duel even led to a short-lived lawsuit filed by AT&T.

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