eG Innovations Introduces Virtual Appliance

Solution providers have found Infrastructure management complicated enough to keep them busy for some time; however, that complexity increases when virtual solutions, such as virtual servers, virtual desktops and virtual applications are added into the mix.

eG Innovations Inc. has tried to help solution providers and their customers manage complex environments with the eG Enterprise Suite, a comprehensive, extensible management platform. However, powerful management tools can increase the complexity of the environment that they are meant to manage, creating sort of a conundrum – who will manage the management tool?

With the launch of eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance, eG Innovations is looking to reduce much of the complexity that surrounds deploying a management solution – that way administrators can focus on actual management chores and a lot less time managing and maintaining the management tools.

The eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance is designed to monitor virtual and physical IT infrastructures, while eliminating much of the deployment hassles.

The eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance is a preconfigured version of the full eG Enterprise Suite that includes the eG Manager, a Java Development Kit, an Oracle Express database and an eG agent. The product is fully tested on VMware vSphereTM and has been validated as VMware ReadyTM.

“The eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance is like a short cut to full eG Enterprise Suite functionality,” said Srinivas Ramanathan, founder, president and CEO of eG Innovations. “Installing the eG Enterprise Suite requires a Microsoft Windows, Linux or Solaris system to host the eG Manager; a Java Development Kit, and an Oracle or a Microsoft SQL database server. But now, with the eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance, you could have eG Enterprise up and running in just a few minutes in your VMware vSphere environment.”

That proves to be a major advantage for solution providers looking to quickly deploy management capabilities at their customer sites, ideally to prevent problems and to roll infrastructure management into a managed service that a provider can offer under a support contract.

Companies building hosted offerings and providing SaaS solutions to their customers can use the eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance in-house to monitor their physical infrastructures. The product offers support for monitoring 10+ operating systems, 5+ virtualization platforms, and 85+ applications, the eG Enterprise Suite offers broad infrastructure coverage.

“Customers have indicated that managing virtual and physical resources with seamlessly integrated solutions is increasingly top-of-mind,” said Bernie Mills, senior director, alliance programs, VMware. “The new eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance provides customers with an innovative management solution that increases time-to-value through its simplified virtual appliance form factor.”

The eG Enterprise Virtual Appliance is priced at $2,000 for each physical server to be monitored, regardless of the number CPUs/sockets, or operating systems. No agents are needed on the virtual machines or to monitor the virtual desktops.

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