Covad Wholesale Ethernet Now Available Nationwide

As promised in March, Covad Communications announced Thursday it will begin allowing wholesale partners to order its new nationwide Ethernet services, which are available at speeds from 1.5mbps to 35mbps that reach approximately 10 million businesses.

The new Ethernet services are designed “to run business-class, real-time applications like Voice over IP, video, gaming, VPNs and video conferencing through multiple traffic-handling options,” Covad said when it announced the offer at the COMPTEL PLUS show in March.

Covad’s Ethernet services are offered with dedicated Internet access or aggregated with one of Covad’s Gigabit Ethernet-based hub aggregation services. Wholesale customer can combine Covad Ethernet products with Covad’s value-added services, such as MPLS VPNs and class of service (CoS).

“Covad’s Ethernet portfolio eliminates geographic availability as a barrier to a partner’s rollout of Ethernet services,” said Young-Sae Song, vice president of marketing for Covad Wholesale.

“Covad has come a long way in its transformation from a provider of DSL and T1 access services to a network services provider supporting IP-based solutions,” said Cindy Whelan, principle analyst of business and wholesale services at Current Analysis. “The carrier’s addition of Ethernet services is a strong next step that will enable Covad’s wholesale partners to deliver sophisticated solutions tailored to the needs of to their enterprise customers.”

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