Tigerpaw Software Names New President

Tigerpaw Software has named James Foxall as its new president. Foxall will focus on building up Tigerpaw’s communities, establishing a stronger brand, and continuing to work with its Client Advisory Group to design and architect software that meets the ever-changing needs of Tigerpaw’s clientele.

“I have been with Tigerpaw in some capacity since its inception, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of its growth and evolution,” said James Foxall. “While the last 25 years have been very successful, the best years are still to come. I have never seen more opportunity for our company, and I look forward to leading Tigerpaw to even greater success through customer-driven software design, communities, professional services, and a host of new initiates that we will be revealing soon.”

Foxall has been involved in commercial software development for over 20 years, and was instrumental in the development and creation of Tigerpaw’s suite of business productivity software serving more than 25,000 users in 28 countries. The company says Foxall has helped transform it into a leader in business automation software servicing the IT/networking, telecommunications, and systems integrator industries.

As founder and CEO of Tigerpaw, Dave Foxall plans to remain in an advisory role to help steer executive level decisions.

“James has guided Tigerpaw into a culture where we work more closely with our customers, resulting in a level of service that is unprecedented in our market,” said Dave Foxall. “We’ve implemented his ideas along the way and they have helped foster our overall growth. I’m excited, mostly for our customers, to see the new evolution of our products, relationships, and capabilities.”

James Foxall has written more than 14 books on Microsoft technologies, including “Practical Standards for Microsoft Visual Basic for Microsoft Press.” His books have been translated and sold all over the world. He is considered an authority on application interface and behavior standards of Windows applications and serves the business community as an international speaker on Microsoft technologies and best practices for automating business processes in the SMB environment. He has also written for various magazines and is an international speaker on improving business processes through technology.

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