iPad Gives Road Warriors Reason to Rejoice

Road warriors, rejoice! The U.S. Transportation Security Authority (TSA) says that, for the most part, air travelers will not have to remove their Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPads from their carry-on luggage for screening.

That news should come as a relief to the weary people who criss-cross the country for a living, the same people who make a point to jump in the screening line behind anyone whos not elderly or pushing a baby stroller. (Yeah, we said it you know its true.)

Because the iPad is small compared to laptops no plugs, external hard drives, mice theres little to block images when bags go through the TSAs scans. A spokesman told The Business Insider that the agency is in the process of informing its screeners how to treat iPads.

The much-anticipated iPad went on sale last weekend; Apple said it sold about 300,000 by Sunday. Investors, too, seemed to be enjoying the devices market success shares of Apple were trading near the companys 52-week high on Wednesday, up .58 percent to $240.92.

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