Court Hears BlackBerry Murder Case

A young Indian man in England was attacked late last year and ended up dying, all because of a BlackBerry.

That’s according to testimony being heard in a London court this week.

Saravanakumar Sellappan, 24, was bludgeoned on the head by three men – one from Armenia and two from Iran, the BBC reported – who had been following Sellappan as he walked home from his gas-station job last October. Sellappan was talking on his BlackBerry mobile phone at the time; the assailants inflicted a brain injury then took Sellapan’s BlackBerry. They later tried to sell it, witnesses said.

The various BlackBerry models range in price from about $100 to a little more than $300.

Sellapan died of his injuries about a day after he was assaulted.

Judges continue to hear evidence on the case. Sellapan’s attackers are charged with murder and robbery.

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