Digi Launches Enterprise-Class Cellular Router

Digi International (DGII) on Tuesday introduced the Digi TransPort WR44 with Gobi, an enterprise-class cellular router with Qualcomm Gobi technology. The Gobi technology supports either high-speed packet access (HSPA) or evolution-data optimized (EV-DO) networks from the same cellular radio, so it can connect to cellular networks worldwide. This enables customers to develop one solution for use in multiple regions and support a different standard in the future than initially selected.

The Digi TransPort WR44 is an all-in-one enterprise class cellular router with an integrated Wi-Fi access point. The multi-function Digi TransPort WR44 provides high-speed connectivity to remote devices by combining a 3G cellular router, state-of-the-art security, advanced routing, an Ethernet switch, global positioning system (GPS), telemetry and Wi-Fi access point in one device. This combination of enterprise-class features and flexible wireless functionality lets the router be used for connecting remote devices in vertical applications such as transportation, remote office and retail point-of-sale.


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