Verizon iPhone: The Winners and the Losers

When the Wall Street Journal announced last week that Verizon Wireless would be getting its own version of the iPhone in September, it once again fueled talk of one of the most-discussed rumors of the past couple of years. It now appears more likely than ever that Verizon and Apple will finally make their long-hyped hookup.

So who/what would be the winners and losers in the tech world if this match takes place? Apple, it seems, would be an obvious winner, as its potential list of subscribers would grow by 90 million, essentially doubling its market. In addition to Apple, Advertising Age came up with a couple of more winners:

  • Advertising: The iPhone is already hot, so adding another carrier will make it that much more golden.
  • Mobile apps: Again, a bigger market means more revenue. The consumer will benefit from an increase in apps.

And the losers?:

  • AT&T: Obviously, some customers will defect to Verizon, but maybe it won’t be too bad. After all, Advertising Age says, AT&T’s network, despite its much-publicized problems, supports simultaneous data and voice use, which is a key feature on the iPhone. Verizon’s wireless network doesn’t.
  • Palm: Another place for people to buy an iPhone means even more competition for the Pre and the Pixi, which already have failed to meet sales expectations.

And in the too-early-to-tell category:

  • Verizon: Better stop running those anti-iPhone ads. The company’s done some damage to AT&T, and Verizon doesn’t want the public remembering those Christmastime-iPhone-Land-of-Misfit-Toys commercials when it comes time to sell the phone on its network. And will Verizon be ready for the data surge?
  • Android: More and more handsets are becoming available from various carriers, but will a Verizon iPhone stall its progress?
  • BlackBerry: Advertising Age calls the BlackBerry crowd a “loyal, corporate user base not looking to switch,” which runs counter to a recent study that says RIM-lovers might consider an iPhone or a smartphone on the Android platform.
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