TAG Taps Tigerpaw To Automate Processes

Technology Assurance Group (TAG), a buying consortium of technology solutions providers, announced Monday it has renewed its 15-year relationship with Tigerpaw Software, a developer of business building software for technology providers, to include the automation of TAG’s sales and training processes.

From left to right: Ginger Clay, Tigerpaw marketing director; Dale Johnson, TAG founder; Cindi Shannon, Tigerpaw Alliance Partner manager; and Larry Chupp, TAG member relations.
TAG’s proprietary processes have helped hundreds of member companies through live seminars, interactive remote training sessions and Webinars. TAG and Tigerpaw plan to automate several of these, such as MSP integration, Current Technology Assurance Plan (C-TAP), Seven Step Sales Process and more.

C-TAP, for example, was rolled out in 2005 and gives TAG Members the ability to offer their business clients the ability to turn their business phone system into an operating cost.

Tigerpaw enables businesses to manage, automate and integrate service, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, workflow and accounting. With Tigerpaw, all of your employees share customer information from a single database, through one application.

“TAG is always looking for ways to better facilitate our processes and help our members improve their day-to-day operations,” said TAG’s Member Relations Director Larry Chupp. “Only TAG Members will benefit from Tigerpaw’s high level of integration giving them an even greater competitive advantage.”

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