Jailbirds Scam AT&T Customers

Just last week we told you about a scam that targets unsuspecting Verizon Wireless customers in Ohio. It turns out customers of America’s second biggest telco, AT&T aren’t immune to chicanery either.

Inmates in Miami-Dade County, Florida, have cost AT&T customers $200,000, using a method you probably haven’t considered using in years: the collect call.

So how do they do it? A prisoner gets a friend to look in the phone book for fax numbers. Then they get the PIN for that number and activate the call-forwarding feature. The inmate then calls the fax, which is forwarded to their friend’s home, and the friend accepts the charges. Sure, all the inmate and their friend get is a free call, but the AT&T customer gets a real headache.

The question that remains is, how do they get the PIN? Authorities aren’t sure yet. But part of the issue might be the fact that most customers don’t know their PIN, or even know that they have one.

Two inmates lost phone privileges for one month as a result of the investigation, which might not have been wrapped up as fast if a federal judge in Miami hadn’t been a victim.

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