Error Sent AT&T 911 Calls from Salt Lake to Seattle

You’ve heard the 911 horror stories – busy signals, not enough emergency personnel, an occasional rude, unresponsive operator – but how about this one? Your house is on fire or you hear a burglar in your Salt Lake City home, and when you call 911 on your cell phone, you get a dispatcher in Seattle.

AT&T is still investigating the glitch that routed calls from Utah’s capital to the Emerald City last night. The error, which affected cell phone users in downtown Salt Lake and around the University of Utah, was resolved at about 11:30 MT, after first being reported at about 7 p.m.

An AT&T spokesperson told the Deseret News that the incident is “not common,” and the telco was working to discover what caused it.

Salt Lake residents dodged a bullet. Police there say there were no adverse impacts from the glitch.


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