Deutsche Telekom CEO: We’re Keeping T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA, the fourth-largest wireless provider in the United States, has been the target of much rumor and speculation about its future. This week, though, its owner, Deutsche Telekom, insisted to the Wall Street Journal that T-Mobile is staying put, as-is. No sales, no mergers.

“We consider the U.S. market to be highly attractive in the years to come,” CEO Rene Obermann told the Journal on Wednesday.

What’s most interesting is that Obermann isn’t counting on additional subscribers to boost T-Mobile’s presence – he’s banking on new wireless devices.

“Growth doesn’t come from new human customers,” he told the Journal. Instead, new phones are the key to 500 percent, even 1,000 percent, penetration, he said.

T-Mobile hasn’t been a slouch when it comes to introducing the latest devices, either. For example, the company launched the myTouch 3G phone, even promoting an exclusive Fender edition with musician Eric Clapton. T-Mobile also was one of the first carriers to get ahold of the Google Nexus One. (We’re not commenting on the Nexus One’s disappointing sales numbers, just the fact that T-Mobile was among the first to get its hands on the Google-powered device.)

Meantime, Obermann discounted rumors that T-Mobile may merge a rival to bulk up against AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. He would not comment specifically on an agreement with Sprint Nextel Corp., but did tell the Journal, “We aren’t considering multi-billion dollar deals.”

Is that because a deal with Sprint would only be worth multi-millions??

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