T-Mobile Ready To Compete With Faster 3G Network

CTIA Wireless — T-Mobile USA has joined the race to offer fast mobile broadband to U.S. wireless users.

The Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier said on Tuesday it expects to cover 100 metro areas with its upgraded 3G network by the end of the year. That way, subscribers’ video and downloading will move more quickly. Meanwhile, larger rivals are working furiously to roll out 4G networks.

But T-Mobile doesn’t seem worried. Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s senior vice president of engineering and operations, said the company’s HSPA+ network will compete well with next-gen LTE networks, for example.

“The performance level we’re seeing on this network is very, very exciting,” Ray said at a news conference at the CTIA Wireless show, according to Reuters.

T-Mobile plans to blanket about 180 million Americans with its HSPA+ network, although residents in several markets – including New York and Washington, D.C.’s suburbs – already can use the service. T-Mobile said its HSPA+ service is three-to-five times faster than its competitors’ current networks.

T-Mobile is the fourth-largest wireless service provider in the United States.

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