Verizon To Stop Promoting Palm Pre Report

If what we’re hearing about Verizon and the Palm Pre is true, then Palm’s deal with AT&T to sell its Pre and Pixi smartphones couldn’t have come at a better time.

Palm has undergone a downward spiral the last few months, with a report Friday highlighting Wall Street’s lack of confidence in the company and its falling stock price, which, after the closing bell on Monday, had dropped under the four-dollar mark. Now comes word from via an inside source at Verizon, that the big telco will stop promoting the Pre Plus on March 31.

If true, it’s more bad news for Palm, which has struggled to stay in the smartphone game. Sales of the Pre and Pixi have been mediocre at best.’s source thinks Verizon’s move would be unfair, considering the fact that the Pre is “a nice device.” Yet if Verizon has better-selling devices to sell, you can hardly blame them.

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