Dimension Data Unveils UC Adoption Program

Dimension Data wants to ensure its customers that have implemented unified communications are getting the biggest bang for their buck.

Recognizing that UC systems are only beneficial if employees utilize them, the IT services provider and systems integrator has developed a marketing program for customers that can help raise awareness and educate employees on the benefits of unified communications.

“When we rolled out unified communications at our company, we encountered some adoption issues,” said Mitch Hershkowitz, national solutions manager at Dimension Data. “The problem was not how to use the technology, because we had training programs for that, but more people were just confused as to what it means to their daily lives. We decided we needed more than just training.”

So the company rolled out a marketing-style awareness program over a 12-week period that not just hyped unified communications, but provided useful information such as how-to’s, UC etiquette, tip sheets and more.

This program has since been packaged into Dimension Data’s Adoption Management Program, designed to help organizations maximize ROI on their technology investments through awareness.

AMP consists of three modules designed to work consecutively to deliver a turnkey message. The first module, educational tools, includes an Adobe Flash message, a tip sheet, a Webinar session with power users, a dedicated Web page, a contest and an etiquette document. The second module, promotional tools, consists of templated versions of every type of promotional communication including teasers, posters, e-mail and audio messages.

The final module, measurement tools, includes two surveys – one given at the beginning of the campaign and one given at the conclusion – to measure the adoption rate, as well as e-mail tracking tools.

“Companies have been asking for something like this to help them realize their ROI for unified communications,” said Lisa Grimes, director of communications at Dimension Data. “UC has been taking longer to take hold because people just don’t get what it is and they don’t understand how they’re going to use it. This will help drive that understanding.”

AMP is available preloaded on a thumb drive in either self-service or customizable versions. Its price tag of $30,000 for the self-service option and higher for the customizable version may seem pricey for an internal marketing campaign, but Hershkowitz noted that amount is just a fraction of what companies pay for a unified communications system.

“These companies are making a significant investment in technology, and when you look at the amount of money they’re spending, this is about 10 percent or less of their budget,” he said. “It’s a small price to pay to protect your investment.”

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