Palm-AT&T Team-Up Delayed Until Summer Report

Palm, whose fortunes as of late have been anything but great, appears to be running into some more troubles. An analyst for Canaccord Adams says Palm’s rumored team-up with AT&T has been delayed.

The debut of Palm smartphones, like the Pre and the Pixi, was expected sometime this spring on AT&T’s wireless network, but Canaccord’s Peter Misek says he’s learned that it won’t happen now until June or July.

“We believe that this is more than just an ordinary delay,” Misek wrote in a note, “as AT&T has cited a long list of technical issues with the Pre and Pixi. Furthermore, the carrier has decreased its initial order size and has decided to sharply reduce its marketing budget for the launch.”

Yikes. Palm desperately needs a wireless network where it will find success. The debut of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on the Verizon network has been mediocre at best, with one review calling the Pre Plus “atrocious.” That, after less-than-stellar numbers coming from its initial, exclusive run on the Sprint network.

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