Petitioners Want Verizon-Frontier Deal To Be Denied

Just one week after an Illinois judge recommended that state regulators reject Verizon’s landline sale to Frontier Communications, 5,000 West Virginians have signed a petition asking that state’s Public Service Commission to reject the plan.

The petition is being backed by a number of groups, including the Communications Workers of America, AARP and the West Virginia Citizen Action Group.

Frontier is attempting to buy Verizon-owned landlines in 14 states.

“Seeing these signs, with the names of all the people who have signed the petition, really brings home how many West Virginians oppose this deal,” CWA International representative Elaine Harris told She said it only took two weeks to get the 5,000 signatures and she hopes to get that number up to 10,000 very soon.

The West Virginia PSC can simply approve the deal, reject it, or approve it with conditions. It’s been argued that the transaction would hurt customers because Frontier might have to shoulder too much debt to properly manage its network and customer service obligations.

In a statement following the Illinois judge’s order last week, a Verizon representative said that the transaction is in the public interest and will be beneficial to residents.

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