Apparent Networks Now Supports MSPs, VoIP Assessments

Apparent Networks expanded its PathView Cloud Network Performance Management Service to include features for managed service providers and VoIP assessments, opening its technology to a new population of users.

The cloud-based service, which hit the streets at the end of 2009, enables resellers and end users to monitor their networks for anomalies and performance killers to ensure optimal network performance, as well as assess their network readiness for applications by monitoring and measuring the performance of complete end-to-end network paths.

“The cloud-based service is coupled with a microAppliance element, which is about the size of a Blackberry that plugs right into the network and automatically collects all information a service provider needs and reports back to the cloud,” said Jim Melvin, Apparent Networks’ president. “So if I’m an MSP, I have a performance inspection point already working on their network. I can see immediately what the issue is.

“What has created the excitement is the ease of use in the packaging and delivery of cloud-based service,” he added. “All of a sudden, the voice guys are saying, ‘This is what I’ve been looking for – I don’t have to roll a truck.’”

The latest version of PathView Cloud also offers a separate application for VoIP assessments and expanding its data assessment capabilities. The VoIP Assessment tool allows users to determine their networks’ readiness for VoIP prior to deployment, assessing up to 2,500 network paths at a single time. Graphical reports clearly show overall network readiness for VoIP and also identify potential problems.

The Expanded Data Assessment Capabilities enable users to assess their entire network at once to identify whether the network can handle the additional traffic of new data applications. If trouble areas are detected, PathView Cloud performs full hop-by-hop analyses across network paths to identify issues and provide remediation information. And in a nod to the MSP crowd, the latest version of PathView Cloud also features MSP-centric services to help them extend their revenue stream. Specifically, PathView Cloud’s offerings for MSPs include:

  • MSP Branding, to enable MSPs to custom-brand the PathView Cloud interface and reports to their customers;
  • MSP Organization, a self-service multitenancy application that allows MSPs to manage all customers from a single screen and perform drill-down analyses; and
  • MSP Customer Deployment Analysis, which enables MSPs to track the PathView Cloud services they deliver to their customers and export reports for customer billing.

Melvin said MSPs were clamoring for these capabilities, especially as more companies do business in the cloud.

“Our business is really being driven by these partners,” he said. “They are becoming the backbone of our business. We are really seeing a big uptick in the cloud space. Our MSP partners see that midtier enterprise accounts are more than happy to embrace cloud-based services.”

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